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MANDATORY water restrictions


We have a combination of factors negatively affecting our water supply currently.

    As many know, for many years, all of our water came solely from underground wells.    As the area has grown, we now also purchase water from LUS.

Currently, the issues we are facing are -

    1 - Our Freedom Rd tank developed a leak last week - the contractor was unavailable to repair it until tomorrow (Monday).

   2 - LUS has experienced a pump failure that has stopped their ability to supply water as normal .

   3 - There were 2 house fires in the area resulting in even more water usage.

   4 - Continued Severe Drought

    Due to these factors, we are forced to implement MANDATORY water restrictions - including

> Reduce water use by 50%

> No watering of lawns/gardens

> No washing of vehicles/equipment/houses

> No filling of swimming pools

> Immediately repair any leaks you may have 

Water should be used only for mandatory purposes such as cooking, bathing, washing clothes, etc.

PLEASE comply with these restrictions for the next several days to allow time for the issues are resolved.   

We will notify you when restrictions are lifted.